2014 performances

2014 Submissions

Jay Ingram's picks: "They all take math one step out of the classroom."

Pascal's Triangle

Parallel lines - Gr. 4 (Brazil)

Square Numbers - Gr. 1/2


Penn Kemp's picks: "Here are my choices: they are fun and informative/imaginative."

Pascal's Triangle

Square Numbers - Gr. 1/2

Let us show! - Gr. 2-3


More picks

Odd numbers - grade 4 (Brazil)

Left Handed - Grades 2-4

Shape Up Land - Grade 2/3

Addition song

Infiniy - grade 2 (Brazil)

Multiplication Rap


Environmental Theme song (French)

Making Tens - Grade 7/8

Infinity & Fractions (get the lyrics) - Grades 2-4

Simple Machines

Multiplication Rap











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